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Accra (November 1, 2017) Omnifert is donating 100 bags of fertilizer to farmers and also providing a pickup to reward the ‘farmer of the year’ at this year’s National Farmers’ Day celebration on 1st December.

Ominifert is a wholly Ghanaian owned agri–business which specializes in processing well researched world class fertilizer blends. CEO Michael Zormelo says “since we started in 2015 our goal has been to positively impact the lives of the millions of Ghanaians who depend partly or fully on agriculture for their livelihoods”. Omnifert does this by improving farmer outputs and increasing agricultural production and yield through a core group of qualified agronomists who educate farmer communities on the real benefits of the company’s products on their own farms.

Chief Agronomist, Dominic Donkoh, notes that the Omnifert approach is not only about providing the necessary farming inputs such as maize seeds and affordable and quality fertilizers to farmers; “our approach is focused on providing the right seeds and the right specifications of fertilizer according to the soil and crop types, on an area by area and a farm by farm case”.

To take the support for farmers further, Omnifert’s Farmers Twametum program which will be launched early 2018, will give ongoing  support to small and medium holder farmers,  extending soil testing on individual farmers’ plots and valuable lessons in good agricultural practices. The company will support at least 10,000 farmers annually with fertilizers and free training sessions which can help accelerate the adoption of game-changing innovations.

“The agricultural industry, which plays an extremely important role in the private business sector and the economy, cannot only keep talking about what government needs to do,” says Omnifert’s CEO Michael Zormelo. “Private businesses such as ours have to start thinking more deeply about the sustainability of agriculture and food security which is why Omnifert is committed to work with other stakeholders to make the production of food profitable for all actors in the value chain and for Ghanaian economy”.

About Omnifert

Omnifert transforms chemicals for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Our locally based state-of-the art fertilizer-blending facility is unique in the industry and is a result of the premium we place on improving the crop production of Africa.  Since 2010 our company has been demonstrated its commitment to improving agricultural productivity, incomes and employment opportunities in Ghana as well as other West African countries by continuing to invest in research led solutions for farmers.

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