Cocoa Aduane

NPK 25:19:7+ TE


  • Specifically for matured Cocoa


  • Manufactured with high grade raw materials including multiphos which makes phosphorus readily available for the root hairs for easy absorption.
  • Reduces soil acidity
  • Nitrogen source is nitrate and does not leach
  • Induces flowering, pod formation and prevents flowers and fruits abortion due to its high potassium
    and phosphorus contents
  • More pods per tree, more beans per pod giving maximum yield per acre

General Information

Granular (7-32-20+ trace elements) NPK blend specifically formulated for matured Cocoa plantations through soil mapping and testing in the cocoa growing areas in Ghana especially western north, western south, central and eastern regions.

Application: Broadcast method at 150kg/acre

Compatibility: Compatible with other chemicals especially foliar fertilizers

Packaging: 50kg bag

Storage: Cool and dry facilities

Appearance: Greyish, reddish and pinkish depending on raw materials used